Previse,Pagero 合作伙伴支持早期支付技术的推出
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Founded in 2016, Previse leverages AI technology to help suppliers get paid instantly. Its technology analyses invoice data from large corporates to identify invoices that will need manual oversight, whilst automatically paying those which do not.

Swedish firm Pagero is building an open business network that it claims takes care of the technical and regulatory requirements across a business’s entire order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay and freight processes.

According to Previse, the partnership will see Pagero roll out Previse’s early payment capabilities to its customers and give suppliers on the Pagero network the option of a ‘pay me now’ button the moment they generate an invoice.

Previse 销售总监 Steve Dempsey 说:“现在是时候将嵌入式金融技术引入 B2B 领域,让供应商控制他们如何获得报酬。Pagero 是端到端供应链管理的行业领导者,其 P2P 平台是首屈一指的。我们很高兴与 Pagero 合作,将下一代早期支付解决方案嵌入其平台。”

Pagero 西欧董事总经理 Matt Hammond 补充说:“Previse 的嵌入式金融解决方案是独一无二的,我们很高兴将这项技术带给我们的客户。我们期待与 Previse 合作,为我们所有的供应商提供真正灵活的供应链管理。”
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